Tan for Spring Break?


Are you ready for spring break? I'm pretty sure you've got the beach covered, so there's a high possibility that you'll want to go and get a tan.

Tanning the natural way is the best way to go. You avoid enormous concentrations of UV rays in tanning beds and salons and yet get the same result. Beware, however, of the harmful effects of tanning. You might get sunburn or, in the long run, skin cancer.

One way to prevent these from happening is by wearing sunblock and sunscreen. You'll know that you got a good one if the SPF is high enough for the amount of time that you plan to spend under the sun. Coppertone is one brand that's stuck through time. It has lines for both kids and adults, so you're sure to find one that fits your lifestyle.

So don't leave your sunscreen or your sunblock behind on your trip for spring break. Always carry it with you for protection.

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