5 Benefits of Stretching At Work


So you've been sitting on your desk for a couple of hours now and you feel cramped in that tiny cubicle of yours. You already feel fatigue setting in- you're tired, out of ideas, and already lack concentration. Tell you what- you just need to stretch.

Stretching is the secret to rebooting your system without leaving your office or even without getting some shuteye. Here are some other things you should know about stretching at work.

1. It relieves lower back pain

Stretching extends your back muscles. This relieves it from a steady and sometimes unergonomic position. Stretch every hour or so if you are suffering from scoliosis or muscle fatigue.

2. It improves circulation

Stretching makes you take deeper breaths. Increase oxygen in the blood not only aids in circulation but also in brain functionality.

3. It increases energy level

This is due to the increased oxygen intake as well as improved circulation. You'll realize that soon after stretching, you'll feel like you went out for a short walk.

4. It improves mental alertness

Yep, you guessed it! This is also due to the increased oxygen intake. Better oxygen in the muscles and of course in the brain makes you concentrate better.

5. It gradually reduces muscle fatigue

When you get muscle fatigue, it means that you are sitting in either a very uncomfortable position or that your body needs a little movement. Get up, stretch, and bend a little.

Stretching might be the simplest exercise that you will ever do in the office, so don't miss out on the opportunity to give your body the short break it needs.

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