About Sassable

Sassable was relaunched in 2022 to help people live a bigger more magical life by optimising their wellness every day. 

The D-I-Y Health Coach is a solution for time-poor people who need a more convenient way to take better care of their health.

We are proud to be supported by INCUBATE, the multi-award winning startup accelerator and entrepreneur program for students, researchers and alumni at the University of Sydney. 

With increased health and longevity you can multiply your blessings upon the world. And, it is never too late to reorient your life onto a healthier path.

We apply tools that include our unique plate design formula, daily home workouts and expert coaching for accountability and healthy mindset.  Our services are delivered online via apps, zoom and phone calls. All of our tools and programs are based on the latest scientific beahavioural, health and longevity research as well as theory and principles of a range of experts and what works for our clients. Workouts include high-intensity interval training and resistance training for muscle tone and bone health but we encourage all types of movement and activity such as pilates, yoga, sports and dancing.

Do the things. Be well!