About Sassable

Sassable Wellness Community was founded in 2022 to help people live a bigger more magical life by optimising their wellness every day. 

Aging is a given. Wellness is a choice. You were born with a unique purpose and gift to share with the world. We want to help your light shine brightly in the world so it touches more people.

With increased health and longevity you can multiply your blessings upon the world. And it is never too late to start or to give yourself a leg up, a boost, a new source of wind in your sails.

We don't want anyone to endure unnecessary pain and disease in life today or later in life due to a lack of inspiration, lack of knowledge or lack of support to make it happen. Well, healthy people are happy people able to live large and create magic in our world. Let's all be well, happy people, living large and bringing more magic into the world!

Community members are assisted with coaching that personalises recommendations to their individualised needs. We are all unique. Our life history is unique, our body chemistry is unique, our goals and dreams are unique, and our fitness, nutrition and social needs for optimal wellness are unique.  When making lifestyle changes we all face challenges that whilst being unique to us follow similar patterns and align with the challenges others have faced. With coaching and working together, sharing our stories and supporting each other we can all be better.

Live a long and well life, through daily lifestyle habits based on the latest scientific health and longevity research that supports you to live large and shine brightly upon the world.

Our goal is to develop and deliver AI coaching and create, partner with, promote and distribute advanced measurement technologies for members to quantify their wellness and optimise the results of healthy living.

We apply tools that include nutrition plans, daily home workouts and expert coaching for accountability and healthy mindset.  Our services are delivered online via apps, zoom and phone calls. Our fitness and nutrition plans are based on the latest scientific health and longevity research as well as theory and principles of a range of experts and what works for our clients. Workouts include high-intensity interval training and resistance training for muscle tone and bone health but we encourage all types of movement and activity such as pilates, yoga, sports and dancing. We seek to create a community which is not purely remote and virtual, where our members enjoy interacting in person through local partner events such as dance or art classes, yoga, pilates, tai chi, bushwalking or meditation.