Having Trouble Exercising?


Whether we like it or not, the hardest part of starting an exercise routine is the first week of getting yourself to work out a sweat. While we're never too lazy to quit exercising, we always find excuses not to exercise- and this is especially so when you're just starting out. And like any other endeavor, exercise needs commitment. Here's how to make yourself stick to it.

Timing must be perfect

Schedule your routine so that you have uninterrupted time at the gym or in the street. Before work or after your shift is usually the best time to work out since lunch hours tend to become filled with heavy tasks and socializing.

Bring out the social aspect

Look for fun when exercising. Chances are when doing a task you don't like, you will put it aside in favor of ones you enjoy doing- so save yourself the trouble and choose alternative routines that are more interesting to you. 

Bringing a friend along also keeps you motivated. You have someone to talk to, someone to keep track of your progress, and someone to get you on your feet when you're having a bad workout.

Bigger gyms have routines that might work for you such as yoga, zumba, and other group classes. Enroll in one and make friends while keeping yourself healthy.

Small expectations work

You just started your routine, so don't expect to lose 5 inches off your waist in 2 days. It takes time, really. It takes a month for you to notice your body is changing, 8 weeks for your friends to notice, and 12 weeks for the others to see the difference. So start small with goals such as running non-stop for 20 minutes, increasing the weight you lift, or upping the number of squats you can do. Setting high goals and not being able to reach it in due time gets you disappointed and will make you feel that going to the gym isn't worth it anymore.

Make excuses

When you find yourself making excuses not to go to the gym, pick your brain and make excuses to actually go to the gym. Say, there's an upcoming sale and you really want to update your wardrobe based on a smaller waist. Or there's nothing good to watch on television. Perhaps your dinner wasn't all that good and you want to flush it out of your system.

Remember that the most important aspect of an exercise program is commitment. It's also the most difficult thing to accomplish. However, once you get things in order, it'll be smooth sailing from there.

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