Perfect that Brow!


There is no better way to frame your face than to use your eyebrows. In fact, a neat and well-groomed arch will make your eyes look larger, thereby brightening up your whole face. 

There are many ways to shape your brows as this process falls under hair removal. You can wax them, pluck them, thread them, or (for at least some people) shave them. Waxing may be messy and can cause you to accidentally remove more hair than you want to. Shaving will definitely give you a stubble up there. You wouldn't want that either. By process of elimination, you'll notice that the best way to remove hair in this area is to either pluck them or thread them. Here's how.

If you do have the means and the time to go to a salon to have your arches fixed, by all means do. Normally, they would offer to have your brows fixed by threading them. When hair starts to grow back after a few days, you can just follow the shape that the consultant left for you.

If you're strapped for time and have absolutely no means of going to a salon, well then, it's time to read up. Don't worry, it's not as difficult as you think it is. It's definitely a quick process too.

First, make sure that your face is clean. It's better to pluck or thread your brows right after a hot bath since the pores are open. You can also numb the area by rubbing an ice cube onto it. If you don't have the patience, take an aspirin a few minutes before you start. Since you are on your first trial, it's better to pluck than to thread because honestly, it's easier to control a tweezer than a piece of thread. Choose one with slanted edges. Tweezerman is the best for this.

Brush your hair upward and start tweezing the stray hairs. It is important that you DO NOT tweeze the hair that forms the shape of your brow. Limit yourself to plucking stray hairs because really, you wouldn't look good in an overplucked brow. Work with what you have, and not with what you want. It would look more natural, and natural is always good.

Then, move on to the area between the arches and start plucking. To get an idea where you should start plucking, take a pencil and lay it on top of your nostrils. Any hair that lies beyond it should go. To determine where your arch is, take the pencil and lay it parallel to the edge of the iris. The point where the pencil hits the eyebrows is where the highest point of the arch should be. Remember, work with what you have. If there is no arch, it's better to leave the shape as it is. To determine where the eyebrow should end, take that pencil and place it so that it touches the edge of your nostril and the edge of your eye. The point where the pencil meets your eyebrow should be where it ends, so remove any stray hairs there.

If you've managed to overpluck your brows (yikes!) don't panic. You can always use brow shadow or an eyebrow pencil to fill it in.