Quick Ways To Get Your Energy Back


You wake up in the morning feeling like... you want to go back to bed. You may be over-stressing yourself that your body craves for sleep even if you've had a complete, straight, eight-hour slumber. You might be suffering from fatigue, and this will definitely bring your productivity to an all-time low. Fight it by getting your energy back in these quick, simple, and inexpensive ways.

1. Drink Tea

Studies show that tea is a better for your body than coffee or energy drinks. Four to six cups a day of black tea reduces the stress hormones in your body significantly.

2. Cold Water Shower

Cold water will wake you up instantly. If you can't handle an entire shower with it, start with warm water and work the temperature down until it gets really cold. If you need a wake up in the office, splash your face with cold water, and then make sure to have a retouch session.

3. Get Out!

Take a breath of fresh air. Literally. Go outdoors even when it's cold and take a few minutes to walk. Leave your desk for a while and focus on your surroundings. Smell the flowers and the hotdogs on the street or listen to the hustle and bustle of the city. A little distraction goes a long way in bringing back your concentration. Once your mind is clear, will have a better time focusing on what needs to be done at work.

4. Power Nap, Cat Nap, Disco Nap

It may take a lot of disciple and a permission from your boss, but quick naps will do you wonders. The operative word here is "quick" because any more than 20 minutes of it won't make you any less stressed or tired than you were before it. So set an alarm to go off after 10-20 minutes and get jump up from your light slumber.

5. Pinch Yourself

Well, not really, because it will hurt. What needs a slight pinching is the area between your thumbs and your forefingers. Applying a little pressure for several minutes onto this area will give you a really quick boost of energy. This technique is one of the many things applied in Acupressure. 

The best way for you to maintain your energy the whole day is to have a bed time. It may sound juvenile, but setting your body clock to snooze at a certain time every evening will assure you that it won't remind you to go to sleep at odd hours during the day.