M.A.C. Venomous Villain Vixens!


M.A.C. has once again come out with a line that make all M.A.C. collectors go gaga! No it's not the new Viva Glam lipstick inspired by the infamous Lady Gaga...although that IS a fabulous colour...it's the bad girl side of Disney that has donned the colourful pots of makeup this time. 

Oh those Venomous Villains that we all love to hate! This new launch comes in four evil collections: Cruella De Vil (that crazy hag after the coats of 101 Dalmatians), The Evil Queen from Snow White, Malificent from Sleeping Beauty (one of my personal favs), and Dr. Facilier from the new school Princess and the Frog. 

Inspired by the fierce looks of these villains, be sure to snatch up what you can. Like all limited edition collections-they go fast...and every girl has a bad side...especially a M.A.C. girl.