Bored With Your Hair?

Sometimes our hair just doesn't look as interesting as we thought it was the first time we stepped out of the salon. Why, if we had it our way, we'd go to the salon every day of the week to get that right fix, but sadly, this isn't the case. So if you're absolutely bored stiff with your hair, there are more ways to have it done and make it look interesting. Here are a few suggestions.

Add a pop of color

red hair.jpg

A touch of color here and there makes the hair a little more interesting. I'm not talking about highlights and lowlights. I'm talking about reds, pinks, and other striking colors. Don't dye your hair all they way, though. Remember that less is more when it comes to this.

Chop it off

short hair.jpg

You've had long hair since you can recall, so why not try a pixie? Pixie cuts bring out the eyes and cheekbones, and it opens up the face. You may think that your short crop will be restricting, but it's actually more liberating when it comes to styling. You can tousle it up a bit and have that messy just-got-out of bed look or comb it down and look like a modern Twiggy. Clips, headbands, and hair pins are still worth investing on with this style.

Go for angled cuts


Angled bobs are always interesting- how long is the hair? Is it layered or is it a bob? So many questions asked with just one hairstyle. Angled cuts can range from cheek length to shoulder length cuts. This is not your ordinary hairstyle with straight angles framing your face. Take heed, though, as this cut is very unforgiving.

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