Stress Relief in Under 1 Hour


You spend hours on end at the office consumed with work. You're at risk for fatigue, headaches, and back pain. To ease the tension, here are some quick relief solutions that don't require much resources, time, or equipment.


Stretching relieves your muscles from...


How to Find the Best Red

Red is an intense color. It screams for attention, but when the right shade is worn, it sings hallelujah and sends praises to the gods of beauty. With the sea of red that is out there, it’s quite difficult to point out which shade looks good on you. So here’s...


Ergonomic Furniture You Should Have


People with scoliosis and other back problems have difficulty staying in a single position for so long a time. 

Desk chair 

Your office or den is the place where you'll spend most of your weekly waking hours. You've got deadlines and reports, and your back is...


What's in Your Emergency Makeup Kit?

So you're one of the many women who have a treasure trove of makeups that could serve a whole fashion week. But you can't lug them all in your purse for work or for a night out every now and then, right? So what's the next best thing?...

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