Keeping Your Bones Healthy

Your bones take up much of the responsibility for keeping your body in good working condition. Hence, they need the same tlc that you give your skin, hair and teeth. Did you know that even the simplest changes in inclusions in your lifestyle can make significant impacts on...


What's Your Skin Tone?

Your skin color may vary from another person's, but did you know that there are only two undertones for all skin colors out there? Cool skin and warm skin have different characteristics as well as a different spectrum of colors that go well with it. So just how...


Sprained Your Ankle?

The gym is a danger zone if you don't know how to properly exercise. In fact, close to 23,000 Americans seek medical attention for ankle sprains EACH DAY. That much, yes? It's not that fairly easy to injure that part of the body; it's just so darn vulnerable....


Wild Hair Blues

Textured hair is a lot more difficult to tame than straight hair because the strands tend to get very delicate. This makes them vulnerable to dryness, breakage, and dullness. Here are some of the common mistakes ladies make when caring for curly or wavy hair.

Put the...

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