What is Holistic Therapy Anyway?



By Christine Wheaton, Sassable staff writer

Holistic Therapy
 is basically just alternative healing for the body as a whole. It puts the attention on the entire function of the body as one entity, not as separate parts. Let’s say you get massive migraines. Which many people do. Instead of popping pills which just dulls the pain, you get treatments which correct the problem naturally. By seeing a Holistic Therapist you could get therapeutic massages to release toxins and muscle tension, acupuncture to increase the flow of energy through the nerves, and go on a vitamin and supplement regimen to handle internal disorders that could be contributing to the headaches such as liver problems. 


There is a whole practice where you can test and study certain areas of the body to learn what is going. For example, I went to my chiropractor because I was getting these pains in my knees. So before the usual bone cracking adjustment that he normally  does, he did this thing called “muscle testing”. At first I held out my arm while he pushes different pressure points and then simultaneously tries to push my arm down. When my arm cannot hold itself up no matter how hard I try, that is my weak spot. Then I held different vitamins and supplements to my body and put my arm out while he pushes the same spot that I was weak in and the supplement that can keep my arm up is the one I need to take. It is the weirdest thing. With certain supplements I can hold my arm out like it takes no effort at all, while when I do it with others, my arm goes down with the slightest touch of his pressure. Anyway, it turned out my adrenals were all off and making me weak...in knees! After taking an adrenal vitamin for a few days, no more knee pain. Craziness! 


I am by no means against medicine and curing things the conventional way. But why not try these methods first to handle the problem where it began, then if all else fails, go get that antibiotic or whatever it is. But most likely you will see great results with Holistic Therapy. Many spas and salons offer Holistic Therapy services, just check out their menu or ask a specialists for more info. Here is a list of some of the popular Holistic Therapy treatments:


Acupuncture-originating in China, it is the practice of inserting small needles (just the tips, doesn’t hurt!) into certain spots on the skin to open up the energy flow of the body. It works wonders on arthritis, any pain, respiratory problems, hormonal issues, and more. Great for pets too, I’ve seen a German Shepherd who could barely walk and was in so much pain that his owner was going to put him down, then in just a few sessions he was running and jumping...amazing!

Aromatherapy-it is the use of essential oils to inhale and apply on the body. Fragrance can be a very powerful thing. Breathing in and wearing the oils can bring about many sensations such as relaxation, energy, stimulation, memory, sleepiness, etc. 

Detox Foot Bath-pulling out toxic heavy metals through the feet

Hair Analysis-testing the hair for any toxicity in the body

Colonics-removing the toxic waste from your intestines...some of that waste has been there for decades! eeeeeeew. 

Ear Candling-removing ear wax by lighting a cone to create suction.

Massage Therapy-relieving body disfunction through massage. 

Reflexology-This is like a massage/acupuncture hybrid. Certain pressure points are massaged and worked to achieve an increased flow to the body.

Yoga-it is a combination of strengthening exercises, diet, and meditation to align the body and spirit.