Miracle Hair Product!


Malibu 2000 Hard Water Weekly Demineralizer!

I got this recommendation from a good friend who got it from her stylist. Her stylist even used it on her bathroom sink which had awful soap scum stains that would NOT come off for any cleaning product under the sun, but went running when she used this stuff on it! Just imagine what nasty hair build up you could get rid of! This is especially great for blondes but can be for anyone. It will remove any brassiness or dullness from blondes as well as any and all residue that will make your hair dry and lifeless. It also returns your hair's texture back to where it should be reducing frizz and damage. 

More than half of the population washes their hair in hard water, resulting in hair that's drier, less manageable and not as vibrant as it could be. This stuff packs a punch arriving in a powder form but then turns to a lathery gel with water. It works to lift surface minerals and removes discoloration to brighten and increase shine. Who wouldn't want that? But wait, there's more...it will also help to prevent damage from environmental elements in the air and water. Your hair will be shiny, vibrant, and bouncy, just like when you were a kid! 12 pouches in each box which will last you 3 months if you use it weekly.

Preservative-Free, Fragrance-Free, Sulfate-Free. Packaged for easy travel. Eco-friendly ingredients. It's all that AND a bag of chips! Hmmm...speaking of chips...yummm.