IPL: What You Should Know To Avoid Burns


Intense Pulsed Light is an increasingly popular treatment in the beauty industry. It's used in non-surgical cosmetic procedures like those that aim to minimize freckles, wrinkles, and varicose veins. Another popular use for IPL is for hair removal. But before you try it out, you have to know a few things about it.

IPL treatments use short, intense pulses of filtered light to treat areas. Think of it as a low-grade laser penetrating through the top layer of your skin. This is one reason why patients receiving treatments and practitioners delivering them are required to wear eye protection. 

The danger of second-degree burns is always present when it comes to IPL treatments. However, manufacturers are sure to include options to calibrate the machines according to the patient's specifications. So for your protection, always be aware of the following precautions before stepping into the treatment room:

First, schedule an appointment beforehand and ask the aesthetician or dermatologist what you need to do before stepping into the salon. Things like taking medication or applying deodorants or lotions will greatly affect the intensity of the light once it hits your skin.

Second, it is important to take note of pretreatment preparation and post-treatment instructions. Make sure you can commit to them before making that appointment.

While receiving the treatment, make sure to let the operator know when you feel a sharp, burning pain. Most lasers now are calibrated to minimize the pain on the patient's end, so it's best to let them know if it hurts. Aside from this, check whether the machine is FDA-approved, and calibrated according to your needs.

Lastly, never buy IPL home treatment machines on impulse. Make sure you do your research about the brand name by going to forums and checking for the FDA seal. Knock-offs are prevalent, and you might endanger yourself when you give in to the dirt-cheap price.