Funky "Do" For Colder Weather Fashion

I've been seeing lots of footed tights out and about. And I don't mean footed as in covers your whole foot, these are more of a stirrup kind. It's the perfect solution to be a little funky, keep your legs warm, and still be able to wear your platform gladiator heels with your pedi showing. I have even spotted Gwen Stefani in a white pair which you might think are kinda "nurse-y" but they are totally cool, of course she makes everything look totally cool. The dance attire company Capezio makes high quality tough pairs that can withstand gettin' down on the dance floor, so it will be plenty suitable for your everyday life as well. There are lots of haters out there for these poor stirrup tights. Many say it reminds them of the horrible 80's fashions. Well, everything old is new again, and we are not pairing these with teased out hair and shoulder pads. So try 'em, all's good. 


dee tights.jpgwhite tights.jpg