Hydromassage-Dry Water Therapy


By Christine Wheaton, Sassable staff writer

aqua massage.jpg

Hydromassage has many alter egos...hydrotherapy, aquamassage, water massage, etc. But they are all basically the same thing. It is a massage done to a fully clothed individual with jets of water to work your muscles and send stress and tension packing. Oh, and the kicker is...you don’t get wet. 


How Hydromassage works. 

Perhaps you have seen it in the malls. It might look like a futuristic pod where you lie down and are slid into a cylinder lined with waterproof barriers. The ones in my mall are white on the outside and teal blue thick plastic on the inside. The jets then start to massage your body...streaming, pulsating, kneading, and rotating. The pressure can be adjusted to your liking and before you can say “surf’s up” you are relived from tension, pressure, pain, knots, and the like. Getting hydromassage over time can increase your range of motion (like how far you can look behind you on both sides), help with any pain or injuries that would require physical therapy, and can increase your blood circulation. 


Any massage will help your body to relieve it of pain and stiffness. This particular massage is popular and effective because you can control the pressure, it is fast, less expensive then manual massage (about $1 per minute), and probably the most enticing feature about it is that you do not have to get undressed or covered in greasy oil...plus you can listen to some relaxing music. 


It feels quite amazing. My chiropractic office uses one on the patients before an adjustment and it really loosens you up. It has a great combination of relaxing you with the warm water yet invigorating you at the same time with the water pressure. 


Next time you see one, check it out, you will be in for a quick treat.