Exfoliation-the Ultimate Anti-Aging Weapon


By Christine Wheaton, Sassable staff writer


I recently went to a skin care convention all about anti-aging. Here are some interesting facts and tips I learned about taking care of your skin. 


Most important and underrated treatment for the skin once you are in your mid 20’s is...exfoliation. 


When you are young (up to early 20’s) your skin replenishes itself with a new layer of skin about every 15 to 18 days. By your mid/late 20’s it slows down to about 28 days and by the time you are in your 40’s or 50’s it is at a snails pace of 45 days. That means the same layer of skin will sit on the top of your face for that amount of time. Kinda gross if you think about it. It is KEY that you exfoliate that skin off so that you can get to your new skin. By exfoliating the skin you are also in a way tricking the skin into producing more elasticity and collagen and sloughing away fine lines, discoloration, large pores, etc while making your complexion glow with radiance. Not only will this help in your overall appearance, but your products will work better to treat the actual problems. Your makeup will go on smoother and not cling to dead dry skin, and your expensive anti aging creams and treatments will actually absorb into your skin instead of sit on top of that dead skin barrier wasting away. If you are in your mid to late 20’s you should be exfoliating at least twice a week. If you are in your 30’s, three times a week, if you are in your 40’s and up you should be using a daily gentle exfoliator. 


How to pick the right exfoliator for you.


As you get older your skin becomes thinner and more sensitive so you need to watch out for the abrasive factor of your exfoliator. Generally it is better to choose one with a round exfoliating ingredient such as a jojoba beads or microbeads. Many lines make an exfoliating cleanser which almost always are gentle such as Pevonia. You can also go the route of a non-physical exfoliator like glycolic acid or retinol which loosens and removes dead skin just as well if not better than an exfoliating agent. You can wash with a cleanser like Exfoliate Me and then apply a cream like DDF Glycolic Exfoliating Moisturizer, Philosophy Save me (amazing!), or Pevonia Radiance Cream. I would say to always look for the products with at least 10% of the ingredient you are wanting to use. 


Don’t neglect your body.

Now just because you are treating your face to a proper scrub a dub, doesn’t mean you can stop there. Don’t forget the rest of your body. Have you seen those ladies with pretty good facial skin and then leathery wrinkled necks, chests, and arms? Don’t be one of them! Use a body exfoliator like Alba Sugar Scrub (smells so good, makes skin crazy soft and smooth, and is made of sugar instead of salt which is drying and stings after you shave) in the shower and then slather on an anti aging lotion after. Try Pevonia’s De Aging Body Balm. They are one of the first lines to come out with such a product. 


Protect your new skin from future damage. 


85% of skin damage is from the sun. This starts when you are born. You can blame mum and dad for your fine lines if they didn’t put enough sunblock on you when you were little. But that suntan oil you used to bake your bod in college-that’s all you. Basically when you tan, it is your skin’s defense system throwing up what you could say is a form of a scab to protect itself. When you burn, that skin is already dead and gone. That is why you peel. I like Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock in SPF 30. Anything over a 30 is just silly only improving by 1% no matter how high it goes. If you do get yourself burned try to immediately help your skin by applying an after sun cream like Dermalogica After Sun Repair. You must must must use sun block to protect this new exfoliated skin you are exposing to the elements. Not only that but some of these products with glycolic acid, or retinol, or high vitamin content, make your skin even more sensitive to the sun. There is just no point in treating your skin if you are then going to go out and reverse it in the damaging sun. Okay, I have said my peace!