Endermologie-Cellulite Free!


By Christine Wheaton, Sassable staff writer


Endermology or Endermologie


I’ve seen it spelled both ways. But here is the low down on what Endermologie is. 


Endermologie is a treatment sent from the heavens to help you rid yourself of cellulite. Oh yes, cellulite, that dimply-puckering-cottage cheese effect most women have mainly on their back side and legs. The sad thing about cellulite, is no matter how thin you are or how much weight you loose, cellulite can still prevail. It’s a persistent little bugger. 


How Endermologie works. 


The technician will use rollers to massage over the areas with high fatty tissue (cellulite is just fatty tissue buildup or “pockets”) in conjunction with suction (like a vacuum) to move around the fatty pockets. This smoothes and evens out the skin by essentially flattening the cellulite and putting some back into the blood circulation mimicking the way your body naturally disposes of fat and toxins. Along with reduced cellulite, you will probably loose inches as well. 1-2 dress sizes was the average result. 


Why not do Liposuction you say?


Well first of all Lipo is invasive meaning they have to go into your body to get out the fat. Endermologie is non-invasive. And second of all Lipo goes UNDER the top layer of skin and doesn’t touch the layer of skin that houses cellulite. You could Lipo all you want and still have tons of cellulite. 


How often do you have to go and what is the price of Endermologie?


It depends on how much cellulite you want to handle but on average 10-30 visits are initially necessary twice a week. After that once a month or two is needed for upkeep. The cellulite will go back to it’s old ways forming those pockets unless it is routinely massaged by Endermologie. Each session run about 35-45 minutes and costs $70-$100. 


Other things to know about Endermologie:


-It feels like a deep tissue massage, many patients really like it. 

-It could possible cause some soreness or bruising depending on how sensitive you are.

-It is recommended that you drink lots of water the days before and maintain this after.

-Endermologie works best on people that are relatively in shape and under 30 pounds (13.60 kg) overweight.

-Regular exercise will help to keep the results permanent. 

-Endermologie improves blood circulation, elasticity, and helps fight wrinkles.