Diathermy-Veins, Moles, & Skin Tags...oh my!


By Christine Wheaton, Sassable staff writer


Diathermy-big word, big results. The face is so important, it's what everyone sees and looks like, what shows your emotion. Having something not ideal pop up on your face can have a negative effect on your confidence.  If you thought there was nothing you could do about your moles, veins, or even birthmark (since you were BORN with it and all)...think again! 


What is it?

Diathermy is the use of an electrically induced high frequency current that produces heat (it sounds technical, I know). With that electrical current, many benefits can be achieved from sore joints to spider veins. 

Studies started waaaay back in 1865, then continued in 1920 when it was tested on a human patient to treat partial paralysis. Since then Diathermy is largely used as a therapeutic treatment for arthritis, bursitis, and other problems relating to muscle and tendon disorders. It can even repair tissue, increase blood flow, and improve elasticity which helps with those achin’ bones and joints. 

What can Diathermy do cosmetically? 

It is mainly used to treat broken capillaries on the face. But there is a long list that this procedure will cure: 

  1. Calcium Deposits
  2. Age Spots and Sun Spots
  3. Cherry Angiomas
  4. Cholesterol Deposits
  5. Sebaceous Hyperplasia
  6. Red and Flat Moles
  7. Skin Tags
  8. Warts including Plantar Warts

The results are instant, it is non-invasive, and involves little recovery time. Most places that offer Diathermy will take clients back at no charge if one of the above items is not fully removed after one session. 

dia2.jpgmole remove.jpg


What is the process of Diathermy?

The technician will use a little thin probe (ok it’s a tiny needle) to puncture the area that is getting terminated. The electrical current will then drain out all the blood, fluid, or similar that is in there. If it is a capillary, then the vein will be dried up and no longer visible. If it is some sort of wart, mole, skin tag, etc it will shrivel up, scab, and essentially just fall off. You can use concentrated vitamin C and E to speed up the scab healing process, but it will usually take about 1-2 weeks. It is important to stay out of he sun during this time so it can properly heal. It is also recommended that you do a microdermabrasion facial treatment after Diathermy to really even out and smooth the skin. 


Is Diathermy painful?

It is a little uncomfortable, but not bad. They need to probe you a few times for each item, but it is so quick that before it can hurt, it is over. If you want you can request a topical numbing cream 30 minutes before the process. My friend had countless moles removed from her back for 40 minutes straight! So, obviously it can’t be all that bad. 


How much does Diathermy cost? 

Diathermy is very affordable, starting at around $30 and going up from there. I had 5 moles removed from various parts of my body for $100. It is important that you get any moles and skin legions checked out first to make sure they are benign before getting Diathermy. 


Diathermy bottom line:

It is fast, affordable, and effective. The worst side effects I’ve seen are just scabbing and maybe some irritation if your skin is sensitive. The technicians usually do a free consultation to go over everything with you. It’s a great process, I recommend it highly.