Body Care


Think of your body as your most prized possession. Your body is like that gorgeous vintage dress that needs periodical re-beading, steaming, re-hemming, and cleaning. Or your elegant heirloom cutlery that craves constant polishing. Your body needs to be cared for properly if it is to be expected to still perform at it's best, and look and feel it's best on top of that. Treat it well and it shall treat you well.

You can read all about how to care for your body. From Massage, relaxing Day Spa trips and Detox slimming down with Body Wraps and New Diets. Maybe you are more concerned with Cellulite and Hair Removal. Whatever it is you are looking to achieve, be sure that there is a professional out there that will successfully help you. Browse our list of treatments and find a salon near you that can perform these amazing procedures.  

Some body improving tips:

-Use a body scrub in the shower, you will be blown away by how soft your skin will be

-Take vitamins, at least a multi everyday

-Exercise for 20-30 mins daily, this could include walking up stairs at the office, parking father away from the stores, or playing with your kids. 

-Use a body moisturizer with an antioxidant in it-i.e. vitamin c or e, seaweed, alpha hydroxy acids, etc to keep your skin young, bright, fresh, and lush. 

-Wear sunscreen! At least SPF 30. Anything higher than that is unnecessary. Especially for those commuters who drive, keeping your hands protected will mask your age.