Beautiful Hair ~ 7 Mistakes to Avoid

Beautiful hair is a thing that many people crave but few know how to achieve. In fact it is not a complicated matter. When creating beautiful hair you will need to understand the common blunders that most people make.  Choosing a style

Not conditioning your hair: One of the most common mistakes that people make is neglecting to use conditioner every time you wash your hair. When you do not do this your hair will be prone to split ends. Also it will be frizzier and get tangled easier.

Wrong style: Many people do not fully understand the shape of their face when they style their hair. There are many different shapes of faces. Some have round faces others heart shaped and still more have angular shaped faces. As you age your face will go through subtle changes in shape. Resist the temptation to try every new trend when it is not suitable to your face.

Choice of products: Be very careful about what products you select for your hair. Your hair is a delicate thing and using the wrong products on it can be very detrimental to your look. Hair has different types; oily, dry or normal. You should adapt your shampoo and conditioner to suit your own hair type. Try to use natural products like coconut oil rather than ones with many chemicals. 

Dark roots: If you want to be a shade more blond than you really are, do not let those dark roots show. Touch them up at home, if possible, or go to your favorite salon. Nothing makes a beautiful blond tackier than dark roots showing through.

Braiding and tying your hair: try not to braid or tie your hair too tight. This will pull your roots and weaken your hair. It can even lead to your hair falling out.
beautiful hair
Brushing your hair: Never pull at your hair when you brush it and get tangles. Gently try to loosen up the tangle before you brush it. Do not rush when brushing hair, take your time and give it slow firm strokes. This will spread the sebum evenly within your hair, help blood flow to the scalp and of course get rid of loose skin and debris from your hair.

Be careful of color products: using cheap ones can damage your hair and even cause it to fall out. Always consult your hairdresser as to which color product is best for your hair. When using a new product you should test it on a lock of hair first.  Sometimes the color is not quite what you expected. Remember to match the color to your particular skin tone and color. Not everyone looks good blond or a vibrant red.

It is not wise to cut your own hair: If you want a short style try to have patience and make an appointment with your stylist. Unless you are expert it is very hard to style your hair and even trimming 
can be a little tricky. 

With these points you will be able to take care of your most beautiful asset, your hair. When you take care of your hair you will be ensuring that you will look your best for many years to come. 

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