5 Minute Beauty Fixes

We all run up against beauty disasters every now and again - spots, puffy eyes, smeared make-up or frizzy flyaway hair. Whatever the circumstances, there's no need to panic, it's not the end of the world. Here are some emergency quick fixes to help you get back to looking your best in no time at all. 

Imagine you're getting ready for a hotly anticipated Big Night Out with the girls, and you notice a huge spot. Whatever you do, do not squeeze! Instead, ice it for 10 minutes, and, ONLY if it's a whitehead, gently squeeze the sides of the spot with your fingers - not your nails, then ice again. If it's not whitehead then squeezing will only make it redder. Then, simply ice, pat dry and cover with concealer. Alternatively, turn the offending item to your advantage, dot over the spot with a soft brown eye pencil and disguise it as a beauty spot. Viola, you're ready to go! 

Another common scenario is this: you didn't sleep very well last night and after a long, busy day at work, you look and feel really tired. However, you've promised to go out with a friend and can't let her down. Before you cancel and climb into bed, try taking a shower. This always refreshes and stimulates you and your skin, and if you're brave enough, have a quick blast of cold water before getting out - a sure fire wake you call! Then, dab white eye liner into the corners of your eyes for the wide-awake look. Remember, the darker your make-up, the more tired you'll look, so go for gold. Also, try wearing bright, funky accessories to draw attention away from your tired face. 

Perhaps you're on a first date and have been crying buckets throughout the latest weepy flick? You rush to the bathroom and see that your mascara has smudged and run down your cheeks. Although it's tempting, don't rub your face. Instead, blot the face with a tissue to clear away any wet tears. Then, dampen the tissue and gently wipe away any make-up that's underneath your eyes. If you're wearing powder or foundation, then with your fingers move it to cover over the tear tracks. If you have your concealer with you, dab it under your eyes and around your red nose. Reapply your lippy - it will draw attention away from your eyes. Alternatively, you can insist on discussing the film in a darkened, romantic corner of your favourite bar. 

Or perhaps on your way to a very important business lunch you're caught in light rain without your umbrella. As a result you arrive at the restaurant and find that your hair looks like a rag doll's. To fix, finger-dry your hair using the hand dryer and comb it back into a simple, sleek ponytail. Or, if you're happen to be in a place that has hair straighteners in the bathrooms, smooth hair from the roots and sweep back into a sophisticated bun. Or for shorter hair, style using your fingers to create a sexy but smart look. Apply a sweep of lip gloss, wear a big smile and you're ready to take on the world. 

There is no shortage of ways to overcoming sudden beauty problems, and with a little creativity, no-one will know there was a beauty crisis!

Author: Victoria Cochrane