Wrap it Up-Do Contour Wraps Work?

By Christine Wheaton, Sassable staff writer


Contour wraps, slimming body wraps, weight loss body wraps, whatever you call them...the question is...do they work?


Well the only way to find out was to take advantage of this assignment and do a little hands-on research. 


The result? 9 inches of “yes, it works”. Called a contour wrap because that is what is does, it reshapes you, up to 14 inches at a time. Here’s HOW it works.


First, you get naked, except for this tiny little disposable thong and you get measured. Then the gal comes in and exfoliates your skin (gets all the dead skin off) and applies a cream. Then she begins to wrap your body with cloth strips that have been “marinating” in a mixture of natural herbs, muds, clays, essential oils, etc. All good things that help to detoxify and cleanse the tissue under the skin while restoring elasticity to the parts of the body that, um...hang, dangle, wiggle, or jiggle. 


Basically all cellulite consists of is trapped toxins and waste that are suspended in the soft fatty tissue of your body. So the ingredients in the contour wrap go in there and break up the waste and toxins releasing them into the circulatory system while compressing and tightening (I was told to drink lots of water to flush them out). The waste is then free to be disposed of naturally the way your body does normally. Because a contour wrap just firms and compresses, that is why you loose inches and not weight. 


You are then wrapped in blankets and such and left to snooze in your warm cocoon for an hour. You could even opt to get a facial during this time for a complete head to toe spa experience. Then your wrap is removed and you are measured again in the same spots as before so they can record your inch loss. You are not supposed to shower for as long as you can stand it because the mixture will still work on detoxing your skin. 


You do not want a wrap that just pulls all the water out of your skin. That will dehydrate and age your skin plus all the lost inches will come right back once you drink anything. You can check with your salon beforehand to make sure you are getting the right one. Generally any contour wrap with salt will be dehydrating.  


I was told these contour wraps work best in a series. They recommended getting 3 to 6 of them with about a week in between each one. Each contour wrap can range from $60-100 which can get pricey but buying the package deal will give you a bit of a discount. 


The inch loss is supposed to be permanent as long as you continue to promote a healthy life style. I.e. exercise 4-5 times a week, eat heathy with low carbs, fat, and animal products like meat and dairy, drink lots of water, and take vitamins. If you do not do this, the waste will build back up again probably in a month or so. 

Can anyone get a contour wrap?

-Contour wraps are great for people who have already lost a bunch of weight and are left with lots of loose skin. 

-Not safe for pregnant women because you are dealing with waste and toxins

-men and women can use contour wraps


Overall, this whole treatment took about 2 hours and I left feeling very relaxed and like I just got a full body massage. My skin was visibly tighter and when I got home my clothes fit a little looser. It’s no wonder celebrities get this done before going on a tropical vacation, photo shoot, or awards show! Even it if only lasted a few days, it would be worth it! The fact that is could be permanent is a huge bonus!