Epilation-Longer Lasting Hair Removal


By Christine Wheaton, Sassable staff writer



The definition of epilation is really just to remove the entire hair from the root. This allows for a slower grow back period that could be up 2-6 weeks and when it does grow back, the hairs should become lighter and thinner over time since you are removing the root over and over again. Wear it down, baby, wear it down. 


Ways of epilation-

There are many different ways of achieving temporary hair removal. The most popular would probably be shaving and hair removal creams. The thing with these methods is it doesn’t go under the surface level of the skin (called depilation). The all powerful root is left untouched and you have new prickly growth with-in hours for some people. And nothing is more un-sexy then your man feeling stubble anywhere except on his own face. Women are generally expected to be soft, smooth, and hair free. Lucky for us there are longer lasting ways of hair removal...aka...epilation methods such as: 

-plucking-usually done with tweezers, time consuming and not suitable for large areas

-threading-the use of a twisted thread that catches and pulls hairs, also not suitable for large areas

-waxing-a layer of wax is applied to the skin then removed with strips of cloth

-epilators-mechanical machines that pull and remove multiple hairs quickly, usually with a rotating motion

-sugaring-similar to waxing but with a sugary sticky paste


The nitty gritty of epilation-

The truth is, any method of removing the hair at the root is going to be painful. You can go from low on the pain meter with plucking and threading...to high on the pain meter with waxing and epilators. It’s the price to pay for having smoother skin longer. No one ever said beauty was painless! 

Those eyes are going to tear up, your nose might start to run, you may be involuntarily screaming like Steve Carell in the 40-year old Virgin. But the more you do it, the less it bothers you, and the more you do it, the less hair you will have anyway. If you can stand it, I prefer the epilators because you do not have to deal with any messy wax or sugar and you can cover larger areas. 

So drink a glass of wine, take a hot bath, hold that skin taught, and brace yourself! 

Here are a few links to good epilator machines:

Braun 5270

Panasonic Wet/Dry Epiglide

Emjoi OptiMini Epilator

For information on permanent hair removal such as electrolysis, check out this article