Total Body Confidence

Total Body Confidence


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Total Body Confidence - FREE E-Book

A step by step guide to get off the diet yo-yo and release your inner fabulous.

  • An approach which combines mindset and metabolism.
  • The psychology of body reshaping is just as important as the diet and exercise program you follow.
  • Set the right goal, aim high and make a lasting change.
  • Manage your self-talk, habits and cravings.
  • Attune with your bodies signals.
  • Build confidence and positive self-image.
  • Learn good posture and increase skin and muscle tone.

I feel blessed to share my epiphany and years of research and learning with other women who are ready to transform their lives.

12 months from now, you will look back on this day and be overwhelmed with gratitude and self-love: This is my sincere wish and I pledge to do everything I can to make this true for you.

I grew up defining my self-worth by the number on the scale and never feeling good enough.

I had a fantasy, that was if I could just go to some retreat where I would be freed of all temptation to over-eat, where I would follow an intensive program of yoga and exercise and stay until I attained my coveted ideal weight, that my stuggle would be over.

But for how long would it be over?

The fantasy is that attaining that number on the scales would instantly turn me from NOT good enough, to fabulous, and all things would be transformed. I would have the love I craved. I would be able to regain control of all of the focus and attention which was greedily and expertly spirited away by the diet monster and I could turn that energy towards my higher goals and desires.

These things are all possible. But not by way of some all-encompassing immediate desperate prison camp.

Big change happens with the little things we do each day.

This eBook explains how body confidence is achieved through a combination of mindset and metabolism. Diet and exercise are only parts of the metabolism piece of the equation. If the above is part of your story, lasting change will come from treating the whole being, mind and body.

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