About Sassable

What we do

Sassable has a vision to be the leading online destination for instant real-time bookings from any device for a wide range of trusted beauty and wellness providers.  The company is home-grown in Australia and has a local focus.  We are passionate about creating intelligent interfaces that leverage the latest technology to improve convenience for both providers and their customers.

Through our service we help empower small business owners in the Beauty and Wellness industries, to safely and securely leverage the internet to run successful businesses which create lifestyle choices and financial independence for themselves and their families. 

How we do it

Sassable.com is a cloud hosted Saas (software-as-a-service) service for providers and their customers.  We work closely with our founding customers to understand their needs and optimize interactions for efficiency and convenience.

Our business implements professional grade software development, security, monitoring and risk management processes.  All customer data is protected with secure nightly backups hosted across multiple data centers.

Our beginnings

Sassable was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2010 to address the fact that most local Health & Beauty businesses who had a website at the time offered online booking as a request form which sent an email.  This was not much different to an answering machine, and typically required a telephone call or lengthy email conversation to establish an agreeable time.

We help practitioners who are moving to an online system for the first time better connect with their customers.

The solutions Sassable.com is able to deliver to providers has grown to encompass an impressive list of time-saving features including integrated payments, sales reporting, commission calculations and employee payslips.

Who we are

“An entrepreneur is someone who has a vision for something and a want to create.” -David Karp, Tumblr founder and CEO

Founder Debbie Smith holds a Bachelor of Science (Business Information Technology) degree from University of New South Wales.  She has worked as a web developer since 1994 when she started building websites, web search and bespoke content management solutions in Perl, fed a steady flow of customers through a referral arrangement with OzEmail, Australia's first internet service provider.

Notable highlights of her career include transforming the Warranty Service Repair process of Epson Printers (Australia) with online parts ordering and claims processing launched in 1995.  In 1997 Debbie was part of the Mac Online team at Macquarie Bank instrumental in delivering Retail Commercial Online Banking.  2001-2003 She was the Server Engineering team leader at OptusNet responsible for launching the OptusNet ADSL Broadband service, and built the Point of Sale and Integrated Payment Plan processing solution for Fast 100 company Universal Events in 2008-2009.